Easily manage access to your systems

When onboarding someone, one of the most challenging parts is adding the new employee to your systems with the right permissions. This involves multiple people in multiple departments, and coordinating everything is complex. Let's make it simple!

    One of the important steps when someone is joining (or leaving) a company is the managing of their access to your systems and cloud services. How do you do it?

    For bigger companies, the solution is using a SSO solution (like OKTA), but for smaller companies/teams, usually, this solution is not affordable. So they opt-in for having a very manual process lost inside the documentation.

    For smaller teams (1-10), that might be OKish, but what do you do when you start getting bigger?

    Google Sheets / Excel to the rescue

    You create a file in Google Sheets/Excel, and then you can share it with your team. An indefinitely growing list of services that the new person needs access to. Next, maybe, a column with the name of the person is supposed to add the person to the system. And another column with the status. After adding the person to the system, you change the status.

    Maybe Notion?

    You create a template with the list of services and assign it to the responsible person. When someone new joins, you can create a page for each person.

    Text based solutions

    Just the basic text list of services your team needs to go through. Every time a new person starts, you copy-paste from the base template.

    What are the issues with these solutions?

    First, they were not built for this. Their use case is for a more general purpose.

    They don’t scale the process well. When there are more people, with different roles, in different teams, everything starts to get complicated and not useful.

    No way to have a bird’s eye view of the process.

    Bad UX for the new person.

    Next steps

    Let’s fix this! Let’s make it simple.

    We’re building a system that will help you manage the access to the systems and cloud services that you have.

    You’ll have access to a bird’s eye view of the process and quickly understand progress and what’s missing. Your team will get alerts, so they are on top of the steps and know what’s needed from them.

    You’ll be able to understand if the people have the right access to the systems.

    Never again you’ll be in a situation where the new person needs to go through hoops and loops to have access to the tools that they need for the work.

    Everything will be simpler and easier.

    We're building a platform that will make onboarding easier. Focusing on offering a 5-star experience to your new hires. Want to know more?